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Approximate model of sg90 servo

by Mikael Lövqvist on

I wanted to do some mashups with sg90 servos so I decided to make an approximate model using openscad.
The model was later exported to stl and imported into blender.

When using the difference function it is important to make sure that the surfaces of the operation are not overlapping because this will yield artifacts. So if you want to make a hole using a cylinder trough a cube with the side 10 mm, the length of the cylinder should be > 10 mm to make sure no overlapping occurs.

When importing stl to blender there is no per vertex normals defined so it is a good idea to use the edge split modifier which will fix this automagically in most cases.


The cross type fastener has been updated because I made a mistake with it where the wide part was too short.


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Mikael Lövqvist

Written by: Mikael Lövqvist